Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017

Holiday Plans

Nafisa : Hey, Meistra! I'm starving.
Meistra : Me too. Let's go to the canteen!
Nafisa : Ok.


Meistra : By the way, do you have plans to do Holiday?
Nafisa : I'm not sure. But my friend invite me to sleep over in her villa.
Meistra : Where is it ?
Nafisa : In Belitung
Meistra : Wow! Nice plan you get there.
Nafisa : Yeah but i haven't ask my parents.
Meistra : Why? Are they fierce?
Nafisa : Hahaha Kind of. Ummm... How about you ?
Meistra : What about me?
Nafisa : What your plan on holiday?
Meistra : I don't know yet. But I think I will go to my cousins house in Jakarta  with my parents.
Nafisa : What will you do there?
Meistra : I'm going to the mall with them.


Nafisa : Oh my god we have to hurry.
Meistra: Yea. Lets run!  

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017

Me and my friend went to braga street. There we went around and looking for unique things. After we got around, we went to mall braga to movies and shopping. When we done shopping my dad told me that he would pick me up.

I was runing out of battery. So,my father asked me to wait in Bank Indonesia or BI. But unfortunately, I misheard. So, I thought he said BNI. I wait in there and my phone died. I wait for a long time but i couldn't found my father. I feel ashamed because everyone is watching me. I'm very-very sad.

I met a woman. She is very kind because she offer to lend me his phone. I finally contacted my father and asked him where he was. He said I was wrong. Then my father picked me up after i wait for 5 minutes. 

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

my new friend

Nifela : Hello! I'm Nifela. Are you now here? I've never see you before What's your name?
Meistra : Hello there! My my name is Meistra
Nifela : Meistra, What grade are you?
Meistra : I' m the tenth grade.
Nifela : How old are you?
Meistra : I'm 15 years old How about you?
Nifela : I'm 14 yars old. Where do you live Meistra?
Meistra : I live on Gudang Utara street. And you?
Nifela: I live on Sriwulan street.
Meistra : What's your hobby Nifela ?
Nifela : My hobby is reading a novel and listening to the music.
Meistra : What kind of novel do you read? I love listening to the music too!
Nifela : I love to read a fantasy novel. Oh my God! We have a thing in common.
Meistra : Good! Let's be friend then!
Nifela : Okay, nice to  meet you, Meistra!
Meistra : Nice to meet you too, Nifela!

Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

Its All About Me!

Hello, Guys! It's me Meistra Rizkia Maulidina. You can call me Meistra. Now, I want to tell you about me. I am 15 years old. I born in Bandung, 29th May 2002. I study in SMAN 3 Bandung. My previous school in 44 Junior High School. My favorite subject is English. I hate subject math. Ugh! I think math is boring.My hobby is listening music. I also like eating.My favorite food is fried rice and nugget. 
I have siblings, Annisa and Aldila. they school in Patrakomala Elementary. We live in Bandung with my parents.I want to be a Doctor.I want to study at ITB, and i want study at Oxford University in London. Aamin. I hope that i can go there someday. And i hope i can be a better person.
I think thats story i want to tell you about. Bye!